Trying to STAY FIT and HEALTHY but nagging injuries prevent this?

  FRUSTRATED by current health care, and your high Co-pay?

  Dealing with an ISSUE that WON’T GO AWAY?



Each session is individualized to meet the need of our clients. We use many different manual techniques including: joint mobilization, joint manipulation, Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) using HawkGrip tools commonly known as scraping, MyoFascial Decompression, soft tissue active release, cross friction soft tissue mobilizations, deep tissue mobilization and other techniques.



  •   Save your time and see us to get fast results.
  •   Skip the unnecessary step of seeing a Physician and see us first.
  •   We average 5 visits for injuries. The national average is 11 visits.
  •   We focus on long term by fixing movement.
  •   You leave with an understanding of how to keep yourself healthy.


  • One-on-one every visit with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Only PT in Hawaii with Full-Time NFL experience.
  • Surf and Shore PT does not use techs or aids.
  • No guess work. If you are not a good fit for us or need to see a Physician we will refer you.
  • We live an active life style and understand what it takes to recover and get back.

Not quite sure if we are right for you? Give us a call to walk through your issues and potential treatment plan. Please call us at 808-599-0177 or view our contact us page.

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We strive to provide the highest quality of care that allows you to continue participating in life and the activity or sport you love. To book an appointment please view our contact us page.

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Recovery Services

Marc PRO

  Reduce muscle fatigue and soreness
  Get back to training at your best sooner
  Train and plan more often


  Breaks up Myofascial restrictions to normalize movement
  Increase blood flow
  Speed up recovery time

Myofascial Decompression

  Decompresses tissue to allow for improved movement with increased blood flow.
  Differs from traditional cupping through functional movements and cup placement is based off muscular anatomy.
  Speed up recover times

Mobility classes

  Need help with improving your mobility? Come to class.
  Need to increase you knowledge on how to fix yourself? Come to class.
  Want to have fun and socialize while you get better? Come to class.