My Hamstrings Are Always Tight

“My hamstrings are always tight.” This is a constant for most of us whether you are deadlifting, running or doing almost any other activity we tend to overuse our hamstrings then sit for hours. This tightens them up with minimal to no stretching. We used to be forced to stretch before gym class and before [...]

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Anterior Shoulder Pain Fix

You’ve been on FIRE, hitting the gym regularly getting stronger, healthier and improving your skills. Then out of nowhere you start having shoulder pain. Thinking it will get better, you keep training. Then you start getting weaker, losing skills because your shoulder gets in a cycle of hurting then getting better, then hurting again. This [...]

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Have you checked your hips lately?

Have you ever taken your car in to get an alignment, if you haven’t recently I would recommend it. This can significantly improve the life of your tire by decreasing wear and tear on your tire and car. Where am I going with this and how does this relate to my back? Our hips control [...]

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4 Exercises To Relieve Neck Pain

Do you remember having such a stiff neck and needed to turn your whole body to look somewhere or answer someone? If so we have the solution you need! There are many different areas of the neck that can limit rotation and many different causes for neck pain. The easiest to modify this posture, and [...]

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Runners Knee

Runners Knee is one of the most common and potentially problematic injuries that runners have. The pain can progress to the point of limiting training and put off racing. Runners Knee is often seen with increases in pace, distance, or duration of training sessions. Runners Knee is also known as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS). The [...]

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Parking for Surf and Shore PT

This might be one of the most important things in Honolulu... Parking. At Surf and Shore PT it is FREE! The following will get you in the right parking spot, to the right office and some easy general directions to Surf and Shore PT. Parking is available in all CrossFit Oahu stalls located in-front of [...]

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What is an Out-of-Network clinic?

What does being out-of-network mean? And how does this affect you? Being out of network is a choice to provide the highest possible care without compromises. Insurance companies often drive the number of sessions regardless of recommendations by Physician, Physical Therapists or other health care professionals. Reimbursement from insurances continue to decline while Co-payments are [...]

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Rack Problems?

Are you experiencing difficulties getting into the rack position? Elbows keep dropping with front squats, squat cleans, or having poor transitions with the jerk? Here are some simple and effective techniques to improve the rack position. The shoulder is the most common site of mobility limitations. Below are activities to address the shoulder; the joint [...]

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